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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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A Guide to Sauna Accessories

When a first-time buyer thinks of sauna accessories, the usual bucket and ladle come to mind, and probably not much else. But in order to truly indulge and enjoy your new bathing experience, you should think outside the box and explore the wealth of sauna equipment that is available in today’s market.

But when talking about accessories, you should still start with the basics. Many people may think that any bucket and ladle will do in a sauna, but this is simply not the case. They need to be made with a material that resists moisture so that they do not warp or change color in the heat and steam. Think about it - if you use a plastic bucket, it could melt and stain your benches, produce an unpleasant aroma, and even scald someone who tries to touch it. This is not something that you want to happen, especially if you have guests. If you have an infrared sauna that uses no steam or humidity, then you may have more choices, and can even splurge on a fancy set with the money you save in electricity (since infrared saunas take less energy to heat).

Sauna equipment also includes vapor proof lights. You don’t want to step into a dark sauna, do you? Most saunas or sauna equipment kits come with a single light. If you want more lights or a fancier one that you can dim, you may have to buy it separately, though they are relatively inexpensive and worth the extra money.

Timers are sauna accessories that usually come with a kit. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just that one. A digital timer is great, but a fancier or more stylish one like a sand timer is also available for sale. It is simply a matter of taste.

Aromatherapy has become wildly popular and supplies for it can now be found amongst sauna accessories. From essential oils to fragrant cedar or birch bars, there are lots of scents that you can now include with your sauna equipment list. Once you try a little lavender for relaxation or ginger for revitalization, you may be hooked and never use a sauna without fragrance again.

Clocks are the final set of sauna accessories that need to be covered. Though not every unit comes with them, they can still be a great addition to your cabin. They can work as both a clock and a timer, so that you know how long you have been in and how long before you have to get out so you can time things accordingly. This is essential to prevent overheating and/or dehydration.

Luckily, most of these sauna accessories are inexpensive and easy to obtain. Of course, if you want specialized ones the price will indeed go up. But no matter how much you spend on your sauna equipment, these extras will enhance the enjoyment and so are worth every penny.

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

How To Build Your Own Sauna

Have you ever wanted to build your own sauna, but the thought of it was too daunting? Well believe it or not, the instructions are relatively easy to follow - and you can save yourself up to half of what a ready-build sauna would cost you. But saving money is not the only reason to learn how to build a sauna- there is also the reward of accomplishment that comes with taking on such a task, not to mention how impressive it is to do so.

If you do choose to build, the first thing you have to decide on before you shop for supplies is size. Believe it or not, some companies offer a kit where you can build your own sauna right in your apartment or condo bathroom! Of course, your landlord may not approve an apartment-build sauna, so it is more likely you would buy supplies or a kit for a separate area from your home.

If you own your home and build your own sauna, you will likely construct what is called a sauna cottage. If you buy a kit with all the materials, the only other things besides tools that you will need is a reputable book. Believe it or not, most kits don’t come with one!

If you choose not to buy a kit, you will have to buy all the wood and other materials yourself to build sauna rooms successfully. You will need enough wood for the cabin itself and for the benches, as many as you desire to have. You will also have to buy either a heater or collect rocks that are smooth and big enough to conduct their own heat and use those. Either way, the most important purchase is the wood- because you can’t use just any wood.

The wood you use to build your own sauna will determine your overall success. You must use a wood that won’t warp with moisture, such as knotty cedar or spruce, or moisture-resistant pine. Your benches should be made with a wood such as spruce or abachi. But of course the most important thing on your list it to make sure you get a book that explains how to build your own sauna so that you can put it all together.

Once you have the raw materials, then you need to get all the little things out of the way in order to build sauna baths effectively. For instance, you can’t just have a dark room- you need light. Deciding on cosmetic things such as light fixtures, doorway decorations and the like don’t seem all that important, but they are. You must make a blueprint of some sort and decide these things in advance- refer to your sauna-building book for details. Once you have decided all the little things and have your materials in hand, you will find out just how enjoyable and rewarding building your own sauna from scratch can be - not to mention the joy of bathing in it once it's completed.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

What are Sauna Kits?

If you have decided to install a sauna in your home you must now decide on which of a number of sauna kits on the market that you would like to buy, unless you are planning to build a custom unit from scratch. Most people opt for pre-fabricated kits, however, which are easy to install and can be ready to use in a matter of hours.

Before you purchase any sauna kit you must decide if you want a traditional unit that uses steam or if you would prefer one of the newer, more innovative infrared saunas kits. The difference is quite substantial.

In a traditional unit, you would need a special heater, wood-burning, electric or gas, that does take some time to heat up and will be create a more humid environment. An infrared unit has a different heating element, takes less time to warm up and penetrates deeper into you skin without humidity involved. There are benefits to both type of sauna kits, but you should choose carefully based on your specific needs and budget.

Once you have decided on which type you would prefer, it is now time to choose a specific one model. No matter if you have chosen a traditional or one of the popular infrared sauna kits, you now need to choose which package to order - either a precut or prefab kit. Though some people may think these words are interchangeable, they are not. There is a world of difference between precut sauna kits and prefab ones. Which one you choose will largely depend on your skill level when it comes to carpentry and even wiring.

Precut sauna kits are for people who already have a specific room in mind in their house for the sauna. You will already have installed paneling and studs onto the walls of your chosen room. Once the kit arrives, you will install insulation, the walls, benches, lighting and a heater. You usually have to buy your own waterproof flooring tiles as well, and have those preinstalled. Does this sound like a lot of work? Well, it is. But the money you save on precut traditional or infrared sauna kits could be worth it. And with less material to ship, you save a whole lot on postage as well.

A prefab sauna kit is almost the opposite of precut. These are freestanding and come ready-to-assemble with very little effort or knowledge. All you need beforehand is the flooring tiles. The rest comes in this very hefty package. Included are insulation, how to wire, complete instructions and all the wood and benches preassembled and ready to install. Prefab infrared sauna kits are just as easy to install as traditional ones in this case as well.

As you can see, there is more to sauna kits than meets the eye. You can even have customized prefab, precut infrared sauna kits mailed to your door. Either way you are sure to have a blast installing the units, and even more fun once you can start using the finished product.

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Importance of the Sauna Bench

When deciding on what kind of sauna bench to use, you essentially have two choices - either standard benches that a manufacturer always has in stock or a specialty or customized set of benches to suit your particular needs and tastes.

If you go the standard route, you still have a few options. First, you can decide on either a single- or double-bench layout. Single layouts mean one bench surrounding the inside perimeter of the compartment. A double layout means one elevated bench around the inner perimeter and one set right below it. It almost looks like two stairs and allows you to have twice the bathers in the same room.

A standard sauna bench will usually be made from thin slats of wood in order to decrease the amount of moisture that collects on top, while preventing warping and discoloration. Another advantage of thin pieces of wood on sauna benches is that you get more moisture circulating through the cabin. Of course, if you have one of the popular infrared saunas, this will not matter because there is no humidity involved.

But no matter if you are using a traditional or infrared cabin, you should look for a sauna bench that uses vertical grains for maximum strength. They should also be fastened from the bottom, to avoid leaving metal exposed. Exposed metal from screws or nails can heat up in the sauna and potentially burn people. Making sure the benches are fastened from the bottom also makes them look more uniform and attractive to the eye.

If you choose to customize a sauna bench, the sky is nearly the limit on what you can do. You do not need to have the traditional flat variety - today’s sauna benches come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even contours. You can go with a set that looks similar to park benches, or even contoured ones that look almost like the adjustable beds you see on television. Throne-shaped saunas as a novelty are built into some cabins, while others are made to look like beds so that the bathers can recline and maximize the relaxation benefits.

Infrared cabins are the all the rage, and the sauna bench possibilities are endless. Because infrareds use no steam, a larger selection of woods, colors and finishes can be used to enhance the appearance and even the comfort level inside the cabin. You can get a great looking unit with unique sauna benches at a great price using an infrared cabin.

Once you choose a wood and decide on a custom or standard sauna bench all that is left is to decide on size, location and a heater. When thinking of buying or building a sauna, the benches almost seem like an afterthought, but they should be foremost in your mind. The more thought you put into your sauna benches the more pleased you will be with the eventual result.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Choose Your Own Sauna Design

If you want the health and wellness benefits of steam without going to the spa, then you can either buy a portable sauna or make your own sauna design. It does not take a builder, planner or even an architect to draw up sauna plans. All it takes is a little knowledge and some creativity.

There are several things to work out before you start your design. The first thing is to figure out what you want the sauna for. Is it for medicinal and wellness purposes, such as to treat chronic back pain, soreness or sprains like an active person or athlete might need? Will you need an infrared one to try and help with such conditions as arthritis or obesity? The planned usage of the sauna will factor greatly into your sauna plans.

When choosing a sauna design, you must also decide if it will be located inside or outside. The type of wood and paneling you use to build sauna character as well as their functionality for indoors or out. If you want an indoor sauna, then your sauna plans can include electrical outlets and the wood on the outside is not as much of a concern. On the flip side, if you want an outdoor unit, you will need specially treated wood and some kind of paneling over the roof in your sauna design.

Now that you have these essential things decided on, you can start your sauna design. All units, no matter how big or for what use, usually have a few things in common. They have a space for the heater (no matter if it is electric or a more natural one such as a rock heater). There also has to be some empty or 'wasted' space to let the steam travel and ensure that the whole room does not get so hot or humid that breathing is difficult. Another thing you must include in your sauna plans build sauna benches. There should be an upper and a lower bench in each, with enough width so that the average person can comfortably lie down on one or both to relax.

The next thing to consider when building your sauna design are the little touches. For instance, what type of wood (some sauna-friendly woods are darker than others), should you have a window, and what kind of light fixtures do you want. Though some people have very basic touches in their sauna plans, others may want to go all out and get fancy in their design. The choice is really yours. Just make sure that anything you plan fits not only into your own personal taste, but into your budget as well.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with measurements in your sauna design, have no fear. All you need is a basic plan. Take your rough sauna plans to a reputable dealer or builder and they can take care of all the other details. With their help, sauna design becomes much less of a chore and much more of a pleasure and reality.

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Finding Reputable Sauna Dealers

When people think of sauna dealers or retailers, they think of big showrooms or perhaps expo shows with tons of units on display. But rarely, if ever, do people think of online dealers. Saunas are thought to be such big, bulky things that surely you can't order one online and have it delivered to you, can you? Well the answer to that is – yes! You can indeed order and even customize a sauna kit online and have it delivered to your door. All you need to do is the assembling.

So with ordering one being so easy these days, the next question is usually how do you find reputable sauna retailers online? No matter what you are looking for online, you are sure to find a wealth of information and a ton of places to buy. It can actually be quite overwhelming. A simple Google search for ‘sauna dealers’ will net you hundreds of thousands of results. Do you have the time to go through nearly a quarter of a million web pages to find the right one? Didn’t think so- neither does anyone else.

The first important thing when trying to find reputable sauna dealers is that you should expect the same level of service online as you would find in a regular retail store or expo show. The website should be well organized, comprehensive, and show clear pictures of all of the available units, with full descriptions. There should be a phone number that you can call to ask questions...if there is no number on a site, that should be an immediate red flag. This holds true for sauna retailers and those selling any products online. If you can't call the company, don't order...

Read the company history, find out how long they have been in business, and see if the sauna dealer is proud of their work or if it sounds like they are just trying to make a little money. Spend a few minutes looking around the website to learn more about the company and its products. If something doesn't seem right, the site is full of errors, or you feel the information is lacking, move on. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a sauna and be disappointed.

So now that you know what to expect and look for in online sauna dealers, which are best? Well if you are looking for customer service that is as spectacular as the low prices, we can recommend both East Coast Saunas. East Coast Saunas has spectacular periodic sales where you can take up to 60% off of the price of your sauna. The employees, should you need to contact them, are well-trained and friendly, something you don’t always find online. And all of their saunas come with a 100% money-back guarantee - even some offline sauna retailers don’t offer that kind of guarantee.

East Coast Saunas dealers are some of the best in the biz. They specialize in not only selling saunas, but also informing you of the background and benefits of each type of sauna that you are thinking of purchasing. They especially love to sell infrared sauna cabins. These are one of the hottest health items around, promoting toxin and stress reduction and healing of tissue and muscle injuries, just to name a few things. If you are looking for an infrared cabin, you won’t get any better.

The saunas can be ordered online and shipped directly to your front door. No driving in traffic and waiting for a service date for delivery. No salesmen who work on commission and try to sell you things you don’t need. Just you and your computer making the best sauna choice for you, with customer service available if you do need help.

Finding sauna retailers can be a difficult task, as there are just so many choices out there. However, start off with these two leading providers and I'm sure you will be satisfied. They offer the best combination of price, quality, customer service and money-back guarantee.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Take a Trip to a Saunas Fair

A saunas fair is a place to go when you want to see all of the newest models and ideas in the industry. Also called a saunas exhibition, many different units are on display for potential buyers to get an idea of what they might want for their residence or commercial gym.

But there are many other reasons for attending an exposition such as this. Most shows do not just limit themselves to saunas. Most of the time, you will also see such things as spas, swimming pools and steam rooms as well. You will get information about such things as buying, selling, building your own and trends in the industry. And since the pools, spas and steam rooms are included, you can get similar information about these things as well as the saunas exposition.

You will also find a lot of health and wellness products and booths. Recent research indicates that saunas are very therapeutic and can do such things as release stress, remove toxins and even help you lose weight. For this reason, it makes sense that a saunas fair will include other healthy and therapeutic products and services. Some examples of such things you may find at a saunas exhibition would be massage therapy, yoga supplies, herbal supplements, vitamins, diet programs and more.

With all of these things to see and try, it is no wonder that a saunas exhibition is such a popular draw. They are usually held in warehouses or convention centers not just to hold the large amount of vendors who usually show up, but also to accommodate the large crowds.

But even with all of these other things going on (and let's not forget food, drink and game booths), the biggest reason to go is saunas. Where else besides a sauna supply store or an online catalog can you see and try so many different types of units? At a saunas exhibition you can truly see the differences between a modular or prefabricated kit. You can truly tell if a single or double bench setup is best for you. Someone can advise you on the type of lighting, electrical wiring and other things that you may not have even thought of. You can even try one of the most popular new types of saunas, the Infrared, which used a special natural heat to deeply penetrate the skin and soothe muscles.

But the most important thing about a saunas fair, besides good information, is the fun factor. Even picky kids who would rather watch cartoons usually have fun at a saunas exposition. Not only is there a wealth of food and drink for them to try but also games, samples and demonstrations that are captivating and appealing, even to the tiniest of eyes. Admission is generally reduced for children and you can spend as little or as much time as you like at the expo. All in all, a saunas fair is a great, inexpensive way to spend the entire day together as a family- and maybe get ready to have your own sauna at home as well.

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Reap the Many Sauna Benefits

Despite popular opinion, sauna benefits extend well beyond the relaxation and de-stressing that most associate with the experience. Having an escape from today’s stressful world is nothing to thumb your nose at, yet there are far more benefits of sauna that you should be aware of. Once you realize all of the potential rewards, you may just decide to go out and buy one for yourself, as more and more people around the world are doing.

Although all saunas offer a therapeutic experience, some offer more than others due to the way that the heat is delivered to the user. In the traditional sauna, with a wood-burning, gas or electric heating unit, steam comes off the rocks in the stove and heats the air in the room. This heat raises your heart rate, dilating the blood vessels and improving circulation. Due to the higher temperatures one of the benefits of sauna is increased sweating, which releases toxins from the body, similar to that which takes place during a run or other cardiovascular exercise.
Add in a fragrance diffuser with some lavender or eucalyptus and all a sudden you have the added benefits of aromatherapy to further relax or maybe even invigorate you instead.

Offering even more sauna benefits is the infrared sauna, which uses special natural heat to deeply penetrate the skin directly rather than warm the air in the room. As such, they operate at much lower temperatures, creating a more breathable environment and allowing you to reap the benefits of sauna without feeling uncomfortable even after extended periods of time.

This deep heat increases your heart rate as well as your metabolism, so you can actually lose weight while you relax. Many people look to saunas to help them burn extra calories without having to get on the treadmill. The experience also loosens muscles and relaxes the entire body, which is why they are ideal for pain relief after an intense workout or to nurse an injury or tight spot.

Of course, let’s not forget that sauna benefits your skin by getting rid of dirt and chemicals from pores, as well as removing dead skin cells. This can help your complexion immensely, and as such can be an effective treatment for acne, psoriasis and other blemishes.

Many studies have yet to be done to prove some of the claims of sauna benefits, particularly those of infrared. But the popularity (along with the affordability) of both continues to rise despite the lack of concrete medical evidence of the benefits of sauna. The main reason is the experience- just step into a sauna and you almost instantly feel better. The euphoric feeling that can come from steam or deep heat is so intense you may wonder how you have done without one this long.

With saunas becoming very affordable and even coming now in do-it-yourself-kits (some starting as low as $1200), you have very few excuses for not getting one. No matter the cost, it’s a great investment for your health, and one you will not regret.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

What is a Portable Sauna?

The concept may seem foreign to some, as most people are not even aware of the existence of a portable sauna. But not only do they exist, there are more than one type as well. This article will focus on the benefits of a standard portable sauna as well as discuss the portable infrared sauna and why you should consider owning one.

But let’s start with a regular portable unit. When you go to a gym or spa with a sauna bath, most likely you are used to seeing a very large room that looks like it took thousands of dollars and a ton of time, effort and space to build. And in the case of some of the mega-saunas that they have in such places, you may not be completely off track. However, that does not necessarily have to be the case. If you are thinking of purchasing a portable sauna for your own home use, you certainly don’t need one capable of sitting half of a spa’s daily client list.

This is why a portable one may be for you - it is a smaller version of a regular spa unit that requires nothing more than a space to put it in and a heater of some sort (usually an electric or gas rock heater) to steam it up. You can find a space inside your home, garage, shed or even your backyard - it does not matter, as long as you have the proper capacity and heating unit.

There are many health benefits of a portable sauna - the steam can be relaxing and stress relieving, even releasing toxins and free radicals that may allow for better overall health. But did you know that a portable infrared sauna has all of the benefits of a regular sauna, and more? An infrared sauna controls the amount of heat, therefore making it safer and easier to breathe in than in a regular unit.

The infrared heat of this type of portable sauna absorbs 1.5 inches into the skin, which can be therapeutic in many ways. It is thought that a portable infrared sauna can help in this way with pain, arthritis and even some sports injuries like strains and sprains that are slow to heal.

A portable sauna with infrared heat is also rumored to help with weight loss as well. According to some (non-medical) reports, a portable infrared sauna can make you sweat away pounds, and not just water either. When your body sweats out fat instead of just liquid, you are capable of losing more weight than just diet and/or exercise alone would usually allow.

Of course, the only way to find out for sure if a portable sauna or a portable infrared sauna can do these things is to try it for yourself. Most spa and sauna dealers will be happy to let you see their floor models and give you literature on costs. With just a little bit of space and a little saved money, you can make the dream of a sauna a reality- without having to pay for a gym membership.

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Women and Saunas

In a luxurious sauna women and men alike can sit back, socialize, be themselves and relax. All of these are wonderful for your outlook and health, not to mention friendships. But beyond just being social or relaxing for a man or woman sauna can also have other benefits that are happening without you even knowing it. While the steam penetrates your muscles to relax them and even help repair strains and sprains, there are other things going on underneath the surface.

While enjoying sauna women tend to sweat as much if not more than men. That is because women tend to retain more water than men, especially right before and during her monthly menstrual cycle. It is here that a sauna has a lot of extra benefits for a woman. Sauna, when used during her menstrual cycle, can help shed the extra water weight gain that plagues many women during this time of month. It also can help alleviate the uterine cramps and/or back aches that are often associated with PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome).

In a sauna women also shed toxins that can build up in their bodies. The reasons for these toxins are numerous- illness, smoking, stress, environment and many other factors can all contribute to this. The steam of a sauna can be therapeutic by releasing these toxins. This is also good news for menopausal women. Women who no longer have a monthly cycle or an intermittent one have one less way to rid their bodies of toxins. While on her period a woman often sheds toxins through the blood flow. But without this monthly cleansing, some toxins can stay in the body. Menopausal woman sauna to help get rid of some of these harmful chemicals and arguably enjoy this type of cleansing more.

While in the sauna women tend not to think of these alternate effects. Instead, they focus on how good the sauna feels on their skin or their tired, achy muscles. If a woman is particularly active and/or athletic, this may be especially true. But they rarely realize that being in a sauna also helps with their nervous system. The steam in a sauna stimulates parts of the central nervous system, making sure to keep this important system functioning properly.

Woman sauna benefits also include gland stimulation. The pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as the ovaries, are positively stimulated. Some believe this can lead to increased fertility, while others think it helps ease symptoms of not only PMS but also menopause while doing so.

But all health claims aside, the most important thing is that while in a sauna women feel good. The physical benefits to the reproductive, nervous and glandular systems are only part of enjoying the experience. If a woman is relaxing and destressing or even detoxing, these things will have an immediate and tangible effect that is worth the price of admission into a spa or health club to use them.

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How To Build Custom Saunas

Custom saunas seem like a pipe dream to many, but believe it or not, can be very affordable. The easiest way to go about getting your own in-home sauna would be to buy a pre-fabricated or pre-cut kit that includes all of the materials and instructions. Building one from such a kit would be much like putting a bookshelf together, though obviously on a grander scale. However, if you truly want your own piece of paradise, a custom design sauna that is suited to your exact taste is likely the way to go.

When designing a custom sauna, you can either do it by yourself if you have the knowledge or hire someone reputable to make a design plan that fits your particular needs. Either way, you have to decide which type of sauna you would like, what you will be using it for, location of the unit and how big or small it needs to be constructed.

The exterior of custom saunas is highly dependent on whether the sauna will be an indoor or outdoor one. This may also determine part of the design - if it will be outside, you may want to either use no windows, very strategically placed windows, or frosted or opaque ones. This would give you more privacy and prevent others from ruining the experience for you.

Some custom design saunas have a single bench that is only suitable for sitting up set against the walls of the room. However, to really get the full relaxing effect, you should have a plan drawn up with a double bench. This means a single, elevated bench with a second one the same size or slightly smaller a little below it. The design of these custom saunas will almost look like a pair of bleachers. The reason you want to incorporate this type of bench in your plans is because it not only allows for more than one person to be in, but also to lie down. Being able to recline is essential if you want to take advantage of the relaxing properties of a sauna.

Custom saunas can come in all sizes. When making your plans, you must figure out how many people will be using it and how much room you have in your home or on your property for it. Next would be the aesthetics - do you want a cedar-colored wood, or perhaps the ultra light pine look is more to your taste. Even little things like brass or silver doorknobs need to be included in custom sauna design plans. And the heating element, either wood-burning, electric, gas or infrared, must also be considered.

Investing in a book that goes over the nuances of custom is an excellent idea. This will give you more of an idea of shapes and sizes of saunas, and can help you decide if a permanent or portable one is right for you. Custom saunas, no matter how elaborate, are an excellent investment in your health, relaxation and overall well-being. Make sure that if you are going to go through the trouble that you get exactly what you want - and good luck!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Sauna Photos

One of the best ways to decide what to buy is to look at sauna photos, which you can find on many manufacturer sites as well as personal pages of current owners. This will give you a good idea of all of the different options you have, i.e. sizes, styles, configurations, etc. That way, when you do decide to buy a sauna for your home, you will have a pretty good idea of what you want.

After looking at sauna pictures, you may decide that you want to build your own unit from scratch, as many people do. Of course, you have to be pretty handy to pull this off. You can gather your own materials and literally construct your own custom sauna from the ground up, but it is not an easy task. Still, many people get immense satisfaction from creating something from nothing, and making your very own sauna certainly fits the bill.

For those who are a little less adventurous, you may come across sauna photos showing kits, with all of the elements needed to make your own sauna. Although you would still be constructing it yourself, the wood, stones, heating element and step-by-step instructions are all included, so it's difficult to mess up. Some sites actually feature sauna pictures depicting every step of the building process, a virtual photo instruction manual. Many people find these quite helpful.

Some of the best pictures of saunas can be found on manufacturer sites, as these tend to be high resolution pics. You can really get a feel for what they look like, and how they will look in your home environment. One of the best places for sauna photos is LuxSauna, a leading provider of indoor and outdoor units. Their site is full of color pictures of their popular infrared units.

A simple search in Google or other engine will yield plenty of photographs and images of sauna baths, so take a look around and pick the type that appeals to you. Then visit one of the leading manufacturers when you are ready to make your purchase, like the ones we feature here. If you don't find what you're looking for, send an email to the company and ask if they can send you some sauna pictures...I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Looking to Buy A Sauna?

If you are looking to buy a sauna, especially one for your home, it is a lot easier than it was just a few years ago. You now have a host of options to choose from, and you can even purchase one from a top manufacturer online with just the click of a button. The hardest part is just choosing the type that appeals to you.

One of the most important considerations when it comes to buying a sauna is where you want to put it. Are you looking for an indoor unit for the bathroom, basement or parlor? Or are you more interested in an outdoor unit to be used by the pool or lake? This decision will be impacted by which type of sauna you choose, as there are a variety of heat sources to consider, and not all can be used both indoor and out.

The more traditional units use gas, electricity or wood-burning stoves to heat stones which give off steam. Although wood creates the ideal sauna experience, you have to continually replace it, and this can be an issue for people who don't have access to fresh-cut wood (or a Home Depot) Also, some buildings don't allow it for safety reasons. As such, those who would buy a sauna with a wood stove tend to be those looking to install it outdoors.

Although gas units are an economical choice, electric stoves are more popular, as most homes are already properly wired, and electricity can be used for both indoor and outdoor units. It can also be used to power one of the newest types of saunas, the infrared sauna.

For those interested in reaping the health benefits of saunas without the excessive temperatures, infrared saunas are another viable option. Rather than warm the air surrounding the user, these units use natural infrared heat to penetrate the skin directly, so the temperature inside the sauna is much cooler. A majority of those buying a sauna these days opt for this type, as it creates a more breathable environment, thus allowing the user to stay in much longer and reap more therapeutic effects for the experience.

It's also important to consider your space when you buy a sauna, as well as how many people will be using it. Do you want a one-person unit, or one that will accommodate all of your friends and family? Also, do you want to purchase one that is pre-built, or do you want to build one yourself from the ground up? There are sauna kits available with all of the components so you can put it together yourself, or you can take it one step further and have a custom sauna designed that you can construct from scratch.

Of course, budget is a main concern when it comes to buying a sauna or any other item for your home. Look at all the available options, and decide what most appeals to you. Also consider the monthly expense for electricity, gas, or wood if you go that route. The infrared saunas tend to be the most efficient, and use less energy than the more traditional units, so that is something to keep in mind.

If you need help getting started, we recommend two top manufacturers of home saunas: LuxSauna and Paradise Sauna, both offering high quality saunas for indoor and outdoor use.

We can't all get to the gym or away to a spa as much as we'd like...so why not buy a sauna for your home? You'll be glad you did!

Friday, June 09, 2006

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What are your sauna heater options?

Having the right sauna heater is the key to an enjoyable experience, and there are a variety of types to choose from. They include the infrared sauna heater and the electric sauna heater, as well as the more traditional wood and gas varieties. It is important to know that infrared heaters work on different principles than the other tree types; Infrared models heat the skin directly, while electric, gas and wood heaters warm the surrounding air.

In looking at the infrared sauna heater, concave ceramic elements are the superior choice - offering more consistent, even heating than the rod-shaped elements (which are similar to those found in an oven). Do not let the name of confuse you – although they work similarly to the sun, (at drastically lower temperatures, of course), they do not use ultraviolet light, and so do not cause the damage and harmful effects that overexposure to sunlight can.

The infrared sauna heater does not heat the air in the sauna, as electric, gas and wood heaters do; instead, they directly heat the body, causing deeper muscle penetration, less energy use and, many users say, greater comfort than traditional electric sauna heaters, which work in conjunction with steam. The lack of steam with an infrared sauna heating unit also dramatically reduces the chance for germs in your environment, and promotes a cleaner-feeling experience. The infrared sauna heater is also safe for all ages; even children can enjoy their use.

Electric sauna heaters are the standard type, and are what most people are familiar with. Many manufacturers offer different grades – look for the higher grades in your price range; it is worth the extra money. They lengthen the life of your sauna, and do not have issues with quick burnout. Many of these electric sauna heaters come with special rocks which store the heat for longer periods of time – thus increasing the amount of time you can enjoy bathing.

Another nice option that is offered in some electric heaters is remote relay boxes for the control panel: this gives you more flexibility in where you want to control your heat, timing, and other factors from. Some control boxes also come with Fahrenheit and Celsius conversion, if you look at the upgraded models. Although some electric models are more energy-efficient than others, infrared sauna heaters use far less energy than the electric type; if energy conservation is one of your top criteria, it is certainly better to choose an infra red sauna heater.

As for wood and gas heaters, there are some good options out there; prices are frequently lower on these two types, but they don’t generally have the same results as the infrared or electric heater types. One of the strong points of a wood burning heater is the ambience created by a wood fire, and firewood is easily available in many areas – not all, however, and in some cases wood burning is banned altogether. Gas heaters have the same positive quality as a gas oven: more control over the amount of heat, and this can make them more affordable than electric heaters.

It really comes down to personal preference. Those looking for a more traditional experience may opt for a wood-burning, gas or electric heater for their sauna. However, those who want to reap the health benefits without the hot, steamy environment just may find that an infrared sauna heater is the one for them.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

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Infrared Sauna - The Top Choice

The infrared sauna is quickly becoming the product of choice when it comes to residential or commercial saunas. Unlike traditional units, which use steam to warm the air, infrared saunas use a special type of heat called far-infrared radiant heat, or FIR, a natural energy that penetrates the skin directly without raising the temperature of the surrounding air.

FIR harnesses the therapeutic warming effects of the sun without the harmful UV components, so it's a safe and effective way to reap the many benefits of sauna usage, which include increased circulation, pain relief, toxin removal and many others.

What makes far infrared saunas superior to traditional types is that they are much more effective, delivering deep heat penetration with much less energy expenditure. Therefore they are less costly to operate, and maximize efficiency.

Also, because they do not heat up the air surrounding the user, they operate at much lower temperatures, only 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit vs. 180-215 degrees for a traditional unit. This offers a much more comfortable enviroment for the bather, not to mention safer. Regular saunas are often steamy and hot, and it is often quite difficult to breathe. Many older people and those with health conditions tend not to use them for this reason. The infra red sauna, with its noticeably cooler, more breatheable environment, can be enjoyed by anyone, young, old or infirmed.

Other advantages of far infrared saunas include much quicker warming time, usually 10-20 minutes vs. up to an hour or more, increased sweat leading to more toxin removal, easier assembly and lower costs.

If you are interested in purchasing a high quality infrared sauna, take a look at LuxSauna and Paradise, two leading providers of residential and commercial saunas to fit any budget. They will help you select the perfect unit for your environment and needs, and they can be delivered right to your door in a matter of weeks.

There will always be those individuals who prefer the traditional sauna experience, adapted from Finnish custom, throwing water on hot stones to give off steam. To them that is the only true way to bathe.

But for a growing number of people, infra red saunas are the way to go, offering a relaxing, therapeutic environment without the drawbacks of steam units. This new technology provides a way to reap the many health benefits without having to endure oppressive heat.

Whichever type you choose, you can enjoy it right in the privacy of your own home, because they make units in every size and shape for residential use. You can choose from pre-built models or build one from scratch with a sauna kit.

Do a little research and see what appeals to you. If you're a purist then a Finnish model might be your top choice. If not, you might find that far infrared saunas are just what you're looking for.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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What are Finnish Saunas?

When people talk about Finnish saunas, they are usually referring to the type of saunas that have been popular in Finland for thousands of years. Over there, saunas are like cars or televisions, everybody has one; they are not considered a luxury item, rather they are a way of life.

To give you an idea of just how popular they are, there are over 2 million saunas in a country with just 5 million people, with an average of one for every household. They can be found in homes, office buildings, hospitals and even prisons, as they are seen as a necessary part of life, something that even prisoners should not be without.

Due to the popularity of Finnish sauna bathing, many cultures around the world have adopted some features of Finland's tradition when putting their own saunas together. Although not all of the elements are practical in today's home settings, many people try as best they can to duplicate the feel of age-old Finnish saunas.

How do the Finnish do it? They start with a shower first, then step into a home or lakeside sauna set between 80 and 100 degrees celsius. Wood is burned creating smoke that warms the stones on the sauna stove. (Electric stoves replaved wood burning stoves in the 1930s and 40s) Water is thrown on the hot stones to create steam, which makes the environment feel hotter.

One feature of Finnish sauna bathing that you won't find anywhere else is the tradition of using leafy boughs of birch to gently beat yourself, which supposedly loosens up the muscles in your body. Although I'm sure this works, I doubt many people try it out.

After anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours (which seems a tad excessive), or whenever one decides it is time to take a break from the heat, it is time to step out and dive into a lake or pool to cool off for a bit. If it is winter, the Finnish might roll around in the snow to relieve themselves from the heat.

This is followed up with a drink or two outside the Finnish saunas. Then the process starts all over again, with two more rounds in and out of the sauna.

It is difficult to fathom spending that many hours bathing in a sauna, yet for the Finnish, it is part of a complete day. People talk for hours on end with family and friends. Business is conducted inside the Finnish sauna. They are meeting places for companies and gathering places for families for special occasions. Just like we go to the movies, BBQs and baseball games, the Finns go to saunas...it is simply a way of life.

Although it might be difficult to create a traditional Finnish steam sauna environment in your own home (you probably wouldn't feel comfortable sitting unclothed with your family), you can incorporate elements of the Finnish sauna in your own home with a custom or pre-built model from a top manufacturer such as LuxSauna or Paradise. These companies are leaders in the industry and can help you decide which model is right for your home.

Fortunately, you don't have to go all the way to Finland (although it would be nice) or even a local spa to reap the many benefits of sauna steam bathing; now you can purchase your very own home sauna and just pretend you are there!

Monday, June 05, 2006

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Home Saunas - The Latest Health Craze

Home saunas are more popular now than ever before, as people across the world are taking a cue from the Finnish and enjoying the health benefits of saunas in the comfort of their own homes. You no longer have to visit a fancy gym or luxurious spa to take advantage of the relaxation and stress relief that saunas provide; with the click of the button you can purchase a high quality home sauna from the top manufacturers in the world, and have it delivered to your front door in a matter of days.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and can accommodate any number of individuals, so you can enjoy a residential sauna by yourself or with friends and family. There are indoor and outdoor models, pre-built and custom, with electric, gas or woodburning heat capability.

The most popular of all varieties are infrared home saunas which provide special heat that penetrates the skin and relaxes muscles, increases circulation and reduces stress, among other health benefits. Most of the top models available use this type of heat.

It's up to you to decide what will work best for your particular situation, and find a residential sauna that fits your needs. Do you want a one-person unit, or one that can accommodate several people? Do you want a traditional wood-burning home sauna like the ones found in residences across Finland, or do you prefer a more manageable electric heated unit? Do you want one indoors or do you prefer one outside?

These are all considerations when it comes to home saunas. We discuss all of your different options on this site, and all of the top sauna manufacturers will be able to assist you when it comes to selecting the right unit for you. You may want a pre-built unit that you can easily assemble upon delivery, or perhaps you're adventurous and you want to try your luck with a sauna kit.

Whatever you decide, you will no doubt find that residential saunas are a welcome addition to any home environment. Whether you want to cool down after a rigorous workout, or simply relax at the end of the day, a home sauna is the perfect way to unwind.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

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Welcome to Home Saunas!

We'd like to welcome you to Home Saunas, your source for everything you need to know about one of the newest crazes in home health and fitness. Thanks to the Internet, you can now purchase a home sauna online from the leading manufacturers in the business, saving yourself time and money. But before you do so, you'll want to know what to look for, what the best home saunas are, where to buy and much more!

Home saunas provide numerous health benefits including increased energy, toxin removal, weight loss and stress relief, and are a perfect complement to any exercise regimen. If you have ever considered a sauna for your home, now is the time because they are more affordable and easy to use than ever before.

We hope you find the information you are looking for and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.