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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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How To Build Your Own Sauna

Have you ever wanted to build your own sauna, but the thought of it was too daunting? Well believe it or not, the instructions are relatively easy to follow - and you can save yourself up to half of what a ready-build sauna would cost you. But saving money is not the only reason to learn how to build a sauna- there is also the reward of accomplishment that comes with taking on such a task, not to mention how impressive it is to do so.

If you do choose to build, the first thing you have to decide on before you shop for supplies is size. Believe it or not, some companies offer a kit where you can build your own sauna right in your apartment or condo bathroom! Of course, your landlord may not approve an apartment-build sauna, so it is more likely you would buy supplies or a kit for a separate area from your home.

If you own your home and build your own sauna, you will likely construct what is called a sauna cottage. If you buy a kit with all the materials, the only other things besides tools that you will need is a reputable book. Believe it or not, most kits don’t come with one!

If you choose not to buy a kit, you will have to buy all the wood and other materials yourself to build sauna rooms successfully. You will need enough wood for the cabin itself and for the benches, as many as you desire to have. You will also have to buy either a heater or collect rocks that are smooth and big enough to conduct their own heat and use those. Either way, the most important purchase is the wood- because you can’t use just any wood.

The wood you use to build your own sauna will determine your overall success. You must use a wood that won’t warp with moisture, such as knotty cedar or spruce, or moisture-resistant pine. Your benches should be made with a wood such as spruce or abachi. But of course the most important thing on your list it to make sure you get a book that explains how to build your own sauna so that you can put it all together.

Once you have the raw materials, then you need to get all the little things out of the way in order to build sauna baths effectively. For instance, you can’t just have a dark room- you need light. Deciding on cosmetic things such as light fixtures, doorway decorations and the like don’t seem all that important, but they are. You must make a blueprint of some sort and decide these things in advance- refer to your sauna-building book for details. Once you have decided all the little things and have your materials in hand, you will find out just how enjoyable and rewarding building your own sauna from scratch can be - not to mention the joy of bathing in it once it's completed.


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