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Monday, June 19, 2006

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How To Build Custom Saunas

Custom saunas seem like a pipe dream to many, but believe it or not, can be very affordable. The easiest way to go about getting your own in-home sauna would be to buy a pre-fabricated or pre-cut kit that includes all of the materials and instructions. Building one from such a kit would be much like putting a bookshelf together, though obviously on a grander scale. However, if you truly want your own piece of paradise, a custom design sauna that is suited to your exact taste is likely the way to go.

When designing a custom sauna, you can either do it by yourself if you have the knowledge or hire someone reputable to make a design plan that fits your particular needs. Either way, you have to decide which type of sauna you would like, what you will be using it for, location of the unit and how big or small it needs to be constructed.

The exterior of custom saunas is highly dependent on whether the sauna will be an indoor or outdoor one. This may also determine part of the design - if it will be outside, you may want to either use no windows, very strategically placed windows, or frosted or opaque ones. This would give you more privacy and prevent others from ruining the experience for you.

Some custom design saunas have a single bench that is only suitable for sitting up set against the walls of the room. However, to really get the full relaxing effect, you should have a plan drawn up with a double bench. This means a single, elevated bench with a second one the same size or slightly smaller a little below it. The design of these custom saunas will almost look like a pair of bleachers. The reason you want to incorporate this type of bench in your plans is because it not only allows for more than one person to be in, but also to lie down. Being able to recline is essential if you want to take advantage of the relaxing properties of a sauna.

Custom saunas can come in all sizes. When making your plans, you must figure out how many people will be using it and how much room you have in your home or on your property for it. Next would be the aesthetics - do you want a cedar-colored wood, or perhaps the ultra light pine look is more to your taste. Even little things like brass or silver doorknobs need to be included in custom sauna design plans. And the heating element, either wood-burning, electric, gas or infrared, must also be considered.

Investing in a book that goes over the nuances of custom is an excellent idea. This will give you more of an idea of shapes and sizes of saunas, and can help you decide if a permanent or portable one is right for you. Custom saunas, no matter how elaborate, are an excellent investment in your health, relaxation and overall well-being. Make sure that if you are going to go through the trouble that you get exactly what you want - and good luck!


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