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Monday, June 26, 2006

Featured Home Sauna Resource: East Coast Saunas

Finding Reputable Sauna Dealers

When people think of sauna dealers or retailers, they think of big showrooms or perhaps expo shows with tons of units on display. But rarely, if ever, do people think of online dealers. Saunas are thought to be such big, bulky things that surely you can't order one online and have it delivered to you, can you? Well the answer to that is – yes! You can indeed order and even customize a sauna kit online and have it delivered to your door. All you need to do is the assembling.

So with ordering one being so easy these days, the next question is usually how do you find reputable sauna retailers online? No matter what you are looking for online, you are sure to find a wealth of information and a ton of places to buy. It can actually be quite overwhelming. A simple Google search for ‘sauna dealers’ will net you hundreds of thousands of results. Do you have the time to go through nearly a quarter of a million web pages to find the right one? Didn’t think so- neither does anyone else.

The first important thing when trying to find reputable sauna dealers is that you should expect the same level of service online as you would find in a regular retail store or expo show. The website should be well organized, comprehensive, and show clear pictures of all of the available units, with full descriptions. There should be a phone number that you can call to ask questions...if there is no number on a site, that should be an immediate red flag. This holds true for sauna retailers and those selling any products online. If you can't call the company, don't order...

Read the company history, find out how long they have been in business, and see if the sauna dealer is proud of their work or if it sounds like they are just trying to make a little money. Spend a few minutes looking around the website to learn more about the company and its products. If something doesn't seem right, the site is full of errors, or you feel the information is lacking, move on. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a sauna and be disappointed.

So now that you know what to expect and look for in online sauna dealers, which are best? Well if you are looking for customer service that is as spectacular as the low prices, we can recommend both East Coast Saunas. East Coast Saunas has spectacular periodic sales where you can take up to 60% off of the price of your sauna. The employees, should you need to contact them, are well-trained and friendly, something you don’t always find online. And all of their saunas come with a 100% money-back guarantee - even some offline sauna retailers don’t offer that kind of guarantee.

East Coast Saunas dealers are some of the best in the biz. They specialize in not only selling saunas, but also informing you of the background and benefits of each type of sauna that you are thinking of purchasing. They especially love to sell infrared sauna cabins. These are one of the hottest health items around, promoting toxin and stress reduction and healing of tissue and muscle injuries, just to name a few things. If you are looking for an infrared cabin, you won’t get any better.

The saunas can be ordered online and shipped directly to your front door. No driving in traffic and waiting for a service date for delivery. No salesmen who work on commission and try to sell you things you don’t need. Just you and your computer making the best sauna choice for you, with customer service available if you do need help.

Finding sauna retailers can be a difficult task, as there are just so many choices out there. However, start off with these two leading providers and I'm sure you will be satisfied. They offer the best combination of price, quality, customer service and money-back guarantee.


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