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Thursday, August 03, 2006

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The Portable Steam Sauna

For those on the run or on a tight budget, the portable steam sauna is just the thing. It is a great investment for two reasons- first, it offers numerous healing properties that it offers and second, the fact that it is portable means it is easy to take with you if you travel often or own more than one home for different seasons. These units are generally very small and can be taken with you by air, rail or sea.

You can imagine that they are not made of wood like traditional saunas. If they were, they would not be very easily fit into a suitcase. Instead, a portable home steam sauna is a small heater that is usually no bigger than your average electric rice steamer that is connected to a waterproof material of some sort that surrounds the body.

The waterproof material that makes up the portable steam sauna can be many shapes, sizes and colors. From a very basic box shape to a barrel or rectangle, it has all kinds of possibilities. There is usually a zipper along the front or back that allows you to easily slide into the body of the fabric and zip it back up. A tube from the small heater that locks into the box or barrel will begin to release heat as soon as you flip it (which is done before you get into the sauna).

A portable steam sauna takes very little time to heat up because of the small amount of space it needs to reach. This is a very big advantage versus traditional wood units that can take hours in some cases to reach the proper temperature. Another great advantage of a portable home steam sauna is that there is an automatic shut-off feature for the heater that prevents overheating or dehydration, two risks associated with traditional units.

Clean up is easy as well. A simple spray and wipe with a sanitizer and you are ready to use it once more. The heater takes little to no maintenance and can be plugged into any standard outlet and uses very little electricity in comparison to traditional sauna heaters, which not only take more voltage but also must heat an area that can be 10x or more the size of a portable kit.

You get all the benefits of a traditional unit with a portable steam sauna - relaxation, sweating, toxin reduction, tissue penetration and more. At this time, there is unfortunately not an infrared personal sauna, though that may be a possibility in the future. But with all of the health and wellness benefits of a regular sauna at a fraction of the cost (as low at $200), you may want to invest in a portable steam sauna anyway.


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