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Monday, July 03, 2006

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The Benefits of Infrared Sauna

More and more people are learning that the benefits of infrared sauna far outweigh those of traditional units. Research shows that they not only offer therapeutic advantages, but also conserve energy and save you money, which is why they are quickly becoming the saunas of choice for gyms and residences alike.

The reason that saved money is one of the benefits of infrared sauna is because of the amount of energy it takes to heat one of these units. The heater is simply a small ceramic tube with a tiny wire inside of it. The amount of electricity needed to heat the ceramic tube is very little. And since ceramic conducts heat so well, it stays warm for quite awhile, further reducing its electricity needs. But it doesn’t stop there- an infrared sauna only has to be kept at 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit to be effective, and takes a short amount of time to heat up, conserving energy and reducing costs.

Beyond this, the health benefits of infrared saunas are quite impressive, extending beyond those of a traditional unit as the user is able to bathe for a longer period of time. The infrared sauna gives off something called radiant heat- which simply means that the heat source is penetrating your skin directly, instead of warming the air around you. This direct penetration delivers the sauna benefits more effectively, and can lead to increased circulation, metabolism and toxin removal through sweating.

The radiant energy from an infrared heater can go from ½ an inch to 4 inches deep into your muscles and tissue. This leads to health benefits of infrared sauna such as tissue and muscle repair from minor injuries like sprains or strains. Many have reported coming out of a sauna feeling like they have had a deep tissue massage or better.

But the benefits of infrared sauna can be seen even after you leave. Some evidence suggests that regular use can increase how often you urinate (and eliminate toxins), how healthy your skin is (even causing acne to go away) and how healthy or shiny your hair is (even helping to reduce the thinning of hair in some cases).

Of course, the health benefits of infrared saunas will vary depending on how often you use it and what ailments or issues you already have. But even perfectly healthy people find over time that the benefits of infrared sauna can’t be beat, even when compared to traditional steam saunas. When you consider that, plus the amount of money you save over time on electricity, it is easy to see why infrared saunas are all the rage right now.


  • At 3:24 AM, Blogger Joseph said…

    I myself have experienced the health benefits of using far infrared portable saunas. Even though I was fairly healthy, I felt my body becoming more energized and I just felt generally good about my well-being. Going in a 4-person infrared sauna with my family and friends are always a relaxing experience while also detoxifying our bodies. This type of sauna is definitely worth a try!

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