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Thursday, August 03, 2006

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Look into a Modular Sauna

If you are seriously looking into the possibility of having your own private sauna in your home, you may want to look into a modular sauna. There are many advantages to this type of setup, not the least of which is the ease of construction.

Basically, at its core it is simply a series of pre-assembled panels that you can buy to put together modular sauna rooms in a quick and easy manner. You will still need to do some light construction, and you will need an electrician and/or an electrical permit to install the lighting and other electrical components of a sauna. However, using a modular sauna instead of a regular pre-fabricated kit can save you a whole lot of time.

Another advantage of modular saunas versus traditional kits is that they are portable. Now, you won’t be able to pick up and move entire modular sauna rooms on a whim. But you can take the panels apart in under an hour and move the panels as a group. Once you have moved them, they can be constructed once more to form the sauna, usually in under an hour. Once again, you will need an electrician or electrical permit for that part of the construction. These kits also come with foam insulation already built in, ensuring quick heating time so you can enjoy your sauna quicker.

Modular sauna kits can be ordered online or through the mail and delivered right to your front door. As you can imagine, these kits are quite bulky and therefore must be shipped freight. This is one of the disadvantages of modular sauna rooms - the cost of the freight can be astronomically high. Since the panels are partially constructed to save you time and energy, the price of the kit is going to be high in comparison to unassembled ones.

Because of the higher cost and freight shipping costs, a modular sauna purchase can be expensive. However, most people see it as a trade off of sorts because of the small amount of time it takes to construct the sauna with a modular kit as compared to any other kit.

A modular sauna room is perhaps the most expensive way to build your own unit. The cheapest would be to buy raw materials, a book and go at it. Of course, unless you know about insulation, paneling and electricity, this may not be a good idea. Several people start but never finish or end up having to hire professionals to finish the job. For this reason alone, modular sauna rooms may be worth the extra investment. Saving time in the building process now means more time to enjoy your quickly-constructed sauna later.


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